Joker identität

joker identität

Mai Die Identität des Jokers sollte enthüllt werden. Und sie wurde es – irgendwie Jared Leto als Joker im neuen Film „Suicide Squad“. Der Joker. Der Joker (englisch The Joker) ist ein fiktiver Charakter, der überwiegend in Comics des Verlages DC, einer Tochtergesellschaft von Time Warner, auftritt. März Denn bisher gehörte es zum Mythos und zum Schauer des Schurken, dass er keine Identität hatte. Joker ist der Nihilist, der aus dem Nichts.

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DER JOKER: 10 irre Fakten! But the three identity thing has little to do with who he actually is as to a birth name. Christopher Chance May 25, Loki January 14, Bad party poker online casino your going to give an iconic character a name and backstory. Through a three-stage process of stretching, intentional laughing, and a period of meditative silence. Meeqan December 22, R March 5, What rp5 casino hannover that about? AH-M August 8, Thing is, up until fußball 1 bundesliga heute tabelle '60s, no one really cared about continuity all that much. Kevin February 14, Carlos August 8, Is there going to be a Disney remake of Dumbo? Look at them for their merits, not how true they stay to the comics. Eine zweite Ursprungsgeschichte basiert darauf, dass der Joker und seine Mutter in der Kindheit des Jokers vom Vater des Öfteren misshandelt wurden. Er trägt zumeist einen violetten Anzug mit Schwalbenschwanz, gelegentlich auch einen violetten Hut Beste Spielothek in Wangsaß finden Mantel. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Manchmal ist er von seinen Plänen so überzeugt, das er sogar seinen eigenen Tod joker identität in Kauf nimmt, was Batman jedoch immer wieder verhindern konnte. Viel wurde über den Mann mns hotmail dem Joker schon spekuliert, Alfred, der Butler und sogar Bruce Wayne selbst, waren unter den Verdächtigen. Das war nicht nur die Geburtsstunde des Jokers, sondern auch die Vernichtung eines vom Schicksal gestraften Mannes. Batman hat noch immer keine Ahnung. Aufgrund von Profi bundesliga tipps Tod wurden diese Pläne jedoch wieder verworfen und man setzte stattdessen Bane als Schurken im nächsten Film ein. Eine davon ist, dass der Joker der ehemalige zweite Robin Jason Todd ist. Auf dem Monitor des Batcomputers sieht man drei Joker: Teilen Twittern per Whatsapp verschicken per Mail versenden. Beitrag nicht abgeschickt - E-Mail Adresse kontrollieren!

And there has only been one Joker, besides when Joker brain washed the third robin when robin was a kid, then later in life he became the joker.

This was only said in Tim Burtons movie. The movie where Michael Keaton was batman. However he did use the alias Joe Kerr.

But his real name is never given in the film, nor are ever given the true story of his origin. One of the tales he spins about his scars could possibly be the truth, or they could be lies used to emotionally manipulate the person he's threatening at the moment.

It's even possible that he's descended too far into insanity to remember the truth and each story is his subconscious grasping at what is bothering him in the here and now in an attempt to explain the past.

Thus with gamble, an aggressive, violent thug, he comes up with the story of a brute father. When confronting Rachel, the story becomes one of a fickle and ungrateful woman.

The Joker's real name has never been definitively revealed in the comics either. Jack Napier was an invention of the Tim Burton film, which carried over into the Animated series.

In the comics it is implied that it may be Jack Napier once or twice, that it may be at least Jack a few others, and the rest of the time it is just unknown.

If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice! The Joker was introduced in the '40s as a one-shot character.

He was so popular that they brought him back again and again. Thing is, up until the '60s, no one really cared about continuity all that much.

We cared about more important things, like how many talking gorillas we could cram into one comic, or how Superman can torment Jimmy Olsen this month.

So what that means, for our purposes, is that the Joker's origins would change from writer to writer, but all of them would contain common elements.

He was a gangster of one stripe or another Sometimes he was a hardcore mobster, sometimes he was a comedian who got dragooned into a job, for example who took a fall into a chemical bath Sometimes he was accidentally knocked in by Batman, sometimes he just fell that turned his appearance into the Joker.

Then he went crazy and become kind of a dick, to put it lightly. Usually by now the writers will have come up with one grand, unified canon explanation of what happened to him.

But I think with the Joker they left his history multiple choice because, well, he's the freaking Joker. He's so insane that any of his pasts could be true.

Plus, for him at least, it doesn't matter--The point of the Joker is that you can be completely normal one day, then just flip out and become a kill-crazy evil clown.

While his last name is disputable, Jack as his first name is the most widely accepted. The Gotham Police cannot identify who he used to be.

He's also killed off any relatives who might be able to identify him. Bad enough your going to give an iconic character a name and backstory.

How bout three different names he goes by like the joker, the red hood, and Jayson Todd? It will be interesting to see Tom King continue from there.

Of course there are three Jokers! Thomas Wayne never died. He was shot by a rival gang member. Now if you go to the theory that Bruce Wayne is delusional, then mix in some fight club, Bruce Wayne is number 2.

But the three identity thing has little to do with who he actually is as to a birth name. DC is smart to leave fans hanging on just to reveal a character that was readily present in the franchise already.

But all the theories do help. Batman is coolest but the joker promotes the idea. I personally think his mom called him the joker as a child and it stuck.

The golden and silver are probably one in the same. If i was writing it, at the end of the golden age he found out he was dying. So rather than waste time, he made more focus on larceny to buy black market materials and pay freelance assistance.

By reducing the loss of life, he would lessen the charges so it would be in lesser restrictions to escape or easier to manipulate staff.

Once he was able to complete his project, he found a new host. After a while the merging memories drive him further batty. Thus leading up to his current iteration.

Though the comic may change the victim in the future comics. Thus why he ran in there. After all he is a chemical engineer.

Then when they got tired of him or he told them to, he worked for someone else who got the credit for their formation.

And additionally over time they forgot who gbeir founder was because they had changed several times. According to Wikipedia and of what I understand the word mobius is German and in German there are three names for joker.

These names are 1. Now forgive me I do not know much about the comic books so I am probably totally wrong, but here is my theory.

I also like to think that his dad was screwed over by the Wayne family and that is why he has always targeted gothem city because the Wayne family owned most of it and would hurt the most from what the joker does.

And from the jokers dad being screwed over his family was poor which made his dad turn to alcohol and when drunk he became a very cruel man.

Like we have heard from the joker in the dark night movie now I also like to believe that he is the youngest of three brothers and was very close to them but as most babies of the family, was picked on a lot in a brotherly way.

These are my theories like I said I am most likely way off. Three people were given credit for the creation of joker. I have formulated a thought.

Like you can catch it. Idk but besides that I think the Batman going back in time to become the Joker is actually a really bright idea. Shoot, i meant to say his gas attacks.

The ones that would turn people insane. Like maybe he is searching for another suitable host. Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window.

Paul Clarke May 24, Dan Greenfield May 24, Zack August 5, One of three is called Jack Post a Reply. Zero September 15, Cool… Post a Reply.

Loki January 14, Daisies January 27, Brandi Purdy March 8, Persephone Osander September 30, His name is Jack Napier.

Tyler Jesse Long October 13, Lynzey November 6, Matt January 27, In the TV show Gotham they call him Jerome. What is that about? Ng De Sheng June 6, Joe February 22, Jesus January 5, There are 3 Jokers, I mean that are really relevant.

Jack, Heath, and Jared. DystrVction January 6, No on the Jared. Leto was fucking awful. The animated series had some really good versions of joker tho.

Tuuku November 26, But Schizophrenia, definitely not… Post a Reply. Alex August 7, Alaska February 16, Dan Greenfield February 16, I love this theory.

Joseph Ker November 2, I would love if that were it! Meeqan December 19, In Gotham it shows the person that is the red hood when Bruce is young but never told the name Post a Reply.

R March 5, I would like the thought of the court of jokers but there is an i stallment were alfred is actually the joker because he wanted to give bruce a purpose as batman Post a Reply.

AH-M August 8, Just my opinion Post a Reply. Dubya October 10, Fantahge October 30, Zero Tempest YT May 16, Cthulhu December 30, Joker DOES have a first, middle, and last name.

Joe bob September 7, Actually that quite possible seeing that the joke had 3 generations meaning one half could be his prankster side,one could be his dark and serious side and one might be his super carzy,insane side Post a Reply.

Jeffrey March September 12, That would be a nickname rather than his real name Post a Reply. Neela November 22, So witch one is his real name. Tommy February 7, The Telltale Series, the Joker calls himself John.

Michael March 3, BigMo May 11, Paradox the Finder June 3, Tate July 24, One of the jokers names is Damian because the new robin became a joker and he was featured as the joker in the dark night Post a Reply.

Jenny September 2, That is such a great idea Post a Reply. Phred May 24, He could be Joe Kerr Post a Reply.

Richie May 24, Ha Post a Reply. I like that theory. Christopher Chance May 25, Odkin May 25, Doug February 17, Logan May 2, Aaron May 25,

So neigt der Joker dazu Harley zu beleidigen, zu verletzen und versucht sie sogar gelegentlich zu töten. Joker fing an ein Leben als normaler Mensch zu führen, er suchte eine Wohnung und verliebte sich in seine Nachbarin. Nach der Lektüre von Before Watchmen: In einem Fall war der Joker so davon überzeugt Batman beseitigt zu haben, dass er seine Identität aufgab! Bemerkenswert jedoch ist zu erwähnen, dass Harley es durchaus einmal schaffte Gefühle in Joker zu wecken. Rezensionen US und mehr Teilen Twittern per Whatsapp verschicken per Mail versenden. Es wird oft spekuliert ob es wirklich die wahre Vergangenheit des Jokers ist, da er selbst oft Schwierigkeiten hat sich zu erinnern. Gods Among Us und in Injustice 2. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Twitter-Konto. Wir nutzen Cookies dazu, unser Angebot nutzerfreundlich zu gestalten, Inhalte und Anzeigen zu personalisieren und die Zugriffe auf unserer Webseite zu analysieren. Zwar gilt der Joker als geisteskrank, doch trotzdem gilt er als hochintelligent, ja fast sogar als Genie. Tim Burtons "Batman" ist der bislang einzige Kinofilm, der näher auf die Entstehungsgeschichte des Jokers damals von auf. Bemerkenswert jedoch ist zu erwähnen, dass Harley es durchaus einmal schaffte Gefühle in Joker zu wecken. Doch auch die physische Kraft des Jokers wird oft unterschätzt. Markenzeichen immer eine Joker Spielkarte am Ort des Verbrechens hinterlässt. Arkham Knight und Batman: Aber dann konnten die Jets nicht angreifen, weil Fire Dragon Slot Machine - Play for Free With No Download Systeme ausfielen Steve Englehart hat die Figur um fußball wm 1998 den Charakter definierende Züge bereichert.

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Das Einzige, was immer gleich bleibt, ist sein ungebremster Hang zur Komik, welche jedoch in den meisten Fällen tödlich endet. Diese Intelligenz ist es, die ihn bei gelegentlichen Aufständen in der Heilanstalt Arkham zum geboren Anführer macht und nicht mal der starke Killer Croc oder der brillante Riddler würden sich ihm in den Weg stellen. Film über die legendäre Puppe Margot Robbie soll die lebensechte Barbie werden. The Animated Series in den frühen er Jahren stilbildend. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Twitter-Konto. The movies are loosely based on the comics. Ng De Sheng June 6, Cool… Post a Reply. Where batman had defeated some sort of cosmic threat to the universe mns hotmail. Alaska February 16, But all the theories do help. That is such a great idea Post a Chibeasties casino. So rather than waste time, he made more focus on larceny to buy black market materials and pay freelance assistance. Now don't just say his actor's name, Heath Ledger. Click here for more….


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